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Wooden Panels

Service Pricelist

Individual Cremation

1- 10 lbs…..$129
11- 20 lbs…..$139
21- 30 lbs…..$149
31- 40 lbs…..$159
41- 50 lbs…..$169
51- 60 lbs…..$179

61- 70 lbs.....$189

71- 80 lbs.....$199

81- 90 lbs.....$209

91- 100 lbs.....$219

101- 150 lbs.....$229

150- 500lbs.... Please call for Pricing

Black Dog

Service Pricelist

Communal Cremation

1- 10 lbs…..$99
11- 20 lbs…..$109
21- 30 lbs…..$119
31- 40 lbs…..$129
41- 50 lbs…..$139
51- 60 lbs…..$149

61- 70 lbs.....$159

71- 80 lbs.....$169

81- 90 lbs.....$179

91- 100 lbs.....$189

101- 150 lbs.....$199

150- 500lbs.... Please call for Pricing

Three Big Puppies


Professional , Respectful  & Private

Hanai Pet Cremation has partnered with Dr. Scott Miller, DVM with Miller Mobile Veterinary Service. Hanai can now offer euthanasia services at our facility.

Dr. Miller received his DVM from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in 2015. He focused on small animal internal medicine and wellness, and realized that was were his passion was.

That passion led to the development of the Miller Mobile Veterinary Service.

Dr. Miller can also provide in home euthanasia services in the privacy of your own home.


Priority Cremation


    Our standard turnover time is 2 days. This fee applies if you require a same or next day cremation. A same day cremation is possible if your pet is brought into our facility before 1pm, if not will be performed next day. Appointment required.

Golden Dog

After Hours Appointment


If you would like to bring your pet down to our facility yourself after our regular business hours, please call and make an appointment for a representative to meet you. After hours means anytime after or before our regular business hours of 9am – 5pm.

    We can be reached by phone 24hrs. Although our facility is closed to the public after 5pm, we do accommodate emergency pick ups after hours.

Green Eyed Cat

During Regular Facility Hours

Monday - Friday


- During these hours any pet family can drop off their pet without an appointment. All walk ins are welcomed.
-You may also schedule a pick up at your home or your pet hospital.
-Please allow enough notice before our closing time to avoid additional after hour fees. Our last pick up appointment is usually between 3-4pm depending on the distance.
-Also, be advised that picking up at a pet hospital is subject to the hospital's business hours. (For example, an emergency clinic typically only opens between 6pm - 8am, therefore this would need to be an after hours pick up.)

Two French Bulldogs
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