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Man's Best friend

Saying Goodbye

Quiet and private

Saying goodbye to a cherished loved one is extremely difficult. A pet that has held such a special place in your life and your heart deserves nothing but the most honorable farewell. 

    For this very purpose, we provide a room dedicated especially for these occasions. We have created a warm and tranquil haven in our very own facility where any pet parent can honorably give their respects and warmest farewells to their beloved pet.

    This  service is completely optional and complimentary.

Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet


Why pre-plan?

    We understand that no one likes the thought of losing their pet companion. It is a day we all hope will never come and certainly a difficult truth to face.  Planning the final care for your pet is hard but it becomes even harder when that time is upon us.

  • Pre-planning allows you and your family much needed time to grieve and memorialize the life of your pet without the stress of having to make those final care arrangements so quickly. 

  • Although cremation is significantly more affordable than burial, cremation may sometimes be an unexpected expense. Pre-planning not only secures current rates but can give comfort in knowing exactly what to do and expect when your loved one passes. 

  • Pre-planning also allows for careful and thorough research of all available aftercare options.

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