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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between individual and communal pet cremation?

After the unfortunate passing of your beloved pet, cremation is a very common choice as the final care for your pet. The two common options for cremation are individual and communal cremation. In an individual cremation, pet owners can feel confident that when their pet’s ashes are returned, they know their pet was cremated alone. In a communal pet cremation, your pet is cremated along with other pets. As a result, the remains are not guaranteed to be solely that of your pet as there may be commingling of ashes.

Why individual pet cremation?

At Hānai we offer individual pet cremation because, as pet owners ourselves, we believe in certifying the remains you receive are only those of your pet.

Do you offer communal pet cremations?

We do offer communal pet cremations. Communal is solely for cremations that will NOT be returned to the family. Once a year these cremated remains will be taken to the Chesapeake Bay where they will be released, at least three nautical miles from land, and swept away into the Atlantic Ocean.

May I inspect the facilities where my pet's aftercare will be performed?

We strongly advocate an open-door policy at our facility. We kindly ask that you request in advance to be present during your pet’s cremation so we can properly accommodate you according to your pet’s cremation schedule.

I am a Veterinarian and I wish to see your facility before referring any clients, is this possible?

This is not only acceptable, but strongly encouraged. We want to ensure that any referring agency knows exactly who we are and what we do. We want you to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that we understand that our service is also a reflection upon you. There is no need to call ahead of time. Our open-door policy applies to everyone.

What type of animals do you cremate?

We accept any pet whether two- or four-legged, fur, feather or scales up to the maximum weight limit of 500lbs. due to the weight restrictions of our current crematoriums.

Why is there a cost difference dependent on the size of my pet?

This has to be one of the hardest questions for us. We certainly understand that no matter what size your pet is, they were all loved just as equally. We spent an abundant amount of time consulting with many pet cremation agencies, from coast to coast, asking this same question. It simply comes down to the amount of time it takes to cremate. They are members of our family, our Hānai, and no matter what they look like, they are loved and will be sorely missed. We took great pains to ensure that our service and our pricing is beyond reproach.

Our K-9 served in Law Enforcement, 1st Responder or Military. Is there a difference in price?

Absolutely! We are proud to offer our services to any K-9 that served in Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue or in our Military at no cost. We simply ask that, in this case, you bring in their official paperwork with you. We are proud supporters, and this is our way of showing thanks for their service.

Do you charge to pick up our pet?

Pick up fees are determined by the distance from our facility to your home or Veterinary Clinic. Be advised the first 20 miles are FREE.

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